Re-Expo has been a new and exciting addition to the lineup of Student Council programs!  The Speed Research Exposition aims to provide opportunities for engineering students to showcase their research projects at the J.B. Speed School of Engineering.

The event includes 7-10 minute poster presentations by masters and doctoral engineering students, networking opportunities, and refreshments. 



When: Friday, August 30th from 1:00 - 5:30 PM 

Where: Bigelow Hall (Miller IT Center) 






Abstract submissions will be accepted July 1st - August 23rd

Submission of an abstract signifies intent to display a scientific poster during the Speed Research Exposition. Posters must be displayed for the entire competition. Presenting authors are required to be present for the event. 


All authors must have approved the abstract prior to submission. The total length of the abstract should not exceed 500 words. Abstracts will be published in an event pamphlet available to the public, unless otherwise requested. 

To submit an abstract, click on the button below. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Luke Malone at vp@speedcouncil.org and/or Zach Long at svp@speedcouncil.org



Both alumni and faculty judges will score the poster presentations and Q&A portion based on organization, technical understanding, and aesthetic quality. Winners will be announced and recognized in early to mid September at a small banquet similar to Engineers’ Ball (E-Ball) hosted every April. The top two participants in each category will be awarded a plaque and a monetary scholarship. 


Student Categories:

- Graduate

- Doctoral 


1st Place Scholarship Award


2nd Place Scholarship Award



Posters can be no larger than 3' x 5'. Options for poster printing are listed below. As a cost-saving alternative, students can print individual pieces of paper and pin them to the provided display boards. 





Poster Printing Services

  • IT Imaging Services – (Basement of the Dental School, Room 52) – (502) 852-7492

  • The Center for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - (Belknap Campus, Dept. of Geology and Geosciences, Lutz Hall, Room 219) - (502) 852-4320