SPEED SCHOOL LABORATORY  TOURS (***subject to change)

Rapid Prototyping Center

Henry Vogt Building (Room 100)

The Rapid Prototyping Center is a leading center for Additive Manufacturing that allow one to go directly from a computer model to a part in hand using lasers and powdered polymers and metals. Come by and see some of the latest technologies for additive manufacturing as well as our Haas Technical Education Center with state of the art NC machining capabilities.


Transpiration Lab

WS Speed (Room LL06)

Smart, Safer, Sustainable Transportation (S3Trans) Lab, located in Room LL06B on the lower level of W.S. Speed Hall, was developed by Assistant Professor, Dr. Zhixia (Richard) Li in December 2016. The lab is used for both teaching and research activities in the transportation engineering program at the CEE Department.

Knowledge Discovery & Web Mining

Duthie Center for Engineering (Room 241)

The KDWM lab conducts research in Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science for many applications dealing with large, multi-domain, heterogeneous, high-dimensional, dynamic data, including Web Search, Web Clickstream Analysis, Social Media and Text Mining, Recommender Systems, Social Network Analysis, etc. We contribute to better Understanding, Prediction, Connection, and Innovation.

Autonomous Robotics Lab

WS Speed (Room 226)

The autonomous robotics lab will showcase student made robots during an upper level electrical engineering course.  They will also have the opportunity to see the space and equipment that are used to facilitate this class and other lab courses.

Human Movement & Ergonomics Lab

Lutz Hall (Room 303)

This lab is a research space under the department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.  In this lab they use  high sensitivity cameras to track reflective markers that have been placed on the surface of a subject's body.  This is to track motion and generate models of human movement  They use data found here to improve human balance and analyze injury patterns.  Have you ever seen a sports player with a bunch of small reflective markers all over their body while helping to generate video game graphics?  That technology stems from the principals used in this lab.  Come by to see the testing in action!

The Micro/Nano Technology Center

Shumaker Research Building (Room 122)

 The MNTC is a class 100/1000 $30 million 10,000 ft2 cleanroom facility with SEM imaging, characterization and packaging capabilities. The Center’s expertise resides in micro and nanotechnology, sensors, transducers, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), advanced materials, biomedical devices, space and governmental applications.

The Micro/Nano Technology Center (MNTC) supports a wide range of research initiated by faculty, academic institutions, start-ups, medium and large businesses around the country. We are part of the KY Multiscale Manufacturing and Nanointegration Node, under the NSF National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI) program.